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A Group Exhibit exploring photography's unique propensity for engaging the surreal and melancholic. The exhibition was inspired by the writings of Susan Sontag in her book 'On Photography' (see chapter: 'Melancholy Objects'). The show brings together the work of five extraordinary artists working in photography from California, New York and England.

"The past itself, as historical change continues to accelerate, has become the most surreal of subjects—making it possible... to see a new beauty in what is vanishing." - Susan Sontag

Consider the following thought: To 'take a photograph' is to memorialize the subject of that photograph - to replace the 'being' or the 'now' of an event, person or place and manifest it as an 'image' - the photograph comes to represent not only the thing it depicts but also a memorial to it's own existence.

Jefferson Hayman

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More than simply photographs, Jefferson Hayman's photograph-based works are like a 'Haiku' or a Rumi poem - each a perfect world unto itself. They can be justly compared, to a Joseph Cornell box (see link, for those who aren't familiar). The images read like a Momento Mori for a parallel universe - a life of the imagined or maybe dreamed, but perhaps not lived. Hence the title invoking 'Gotham' - the mythical darker doppelganger of New York. There isn't a whole lot more to say about them as much as I'd like to write more - you might be at a loss for words too.

His work is (and has been) collected by the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Former President William Jefferson Clinton, Rudolph Kicken, Robert DeNiro, Whoopi Goldberg, Banana Republic, Inc. and others

jefferson hayman

Simon Larbalestier

Simon Larbalestier (b. england, 1963) is a photograpicr artist living and working in England, having just moved back from Thailand where he resided for the prior 10 years. He is something of a celebrity, most popularly known for his art featured as a favorite for album covers by the American pop group the Pixies, who employed his work for nearly everything they've published.

Simon has an extensive exhibition record in north america and europe and has published a manual on photographic collage and monographs. He has just released Minotaur, a volume of photographs.

Kerik Kouklis

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Kerik is a photographic artist residing in California. His special stock-in-trade is the wet plate collodion process, pioneered and used in the 19th century. He has dedicated himself to this photographic process for it's incredible depth of expression and delicacy. Wet plate originals must absolutely be seen to be believed. They are unlike any photographic image you have ever seen in their genuity of expression, power and three dimensional aspect.

Victor Milin

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Victor Milin is a photographer living in New York's Hudson Valley. A native of New York City, Victor studied Philosophy and Literature at Elmira College and Photography at The School of Visual Arts, The International Center of Photography and John Coffer's Camp Tintype . He is represented in corporate and private collections.


"My life and work exist at the intersection of 2 lifelong obsessions: New York City and art. I'm awestruck and inspired by the unique beauty, the infinite energy, the vast diversity and the relentless decay that are NYC. I see glimpses of some complex divine plan in every skyscraper, alley, street, and soul and I have walked her streets mesmerized by it my entire life. My work seeks to capture these glimpses within her stone, steel, shadows and light".

Domenico Foschi

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Domenico, an Italian artist-photographer living and working in California has been working increasingly with advanced toning techniques on traditonal photographic media. The hallmarks of his work are formal in nature. Sensitivity to depth (real or implied), texture and haptic relationship to the subject matter photographed. The exploration into some of his later toning work, as seen in this show - demonstrates a new interest in 'surface tension' - that is to say, the tension created by the relationship of pictorial surface and the viewer's awareness of it - and the illusion of subject matter depicted.

His works are held in private collections in North America and Europe.

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