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About the Building
Visiting? You can find us in a 1500sq.ft. (147sq.m.) space on Hollywood Boulevard in the up-and-coming 'Hollywood Lagoon' area, adjacent to the Hollywood Hills in a historically signifciant building built by the famous Hollywood fixture Cecil B.DeMille. The space houses a gallery which supports regular rotating shows of world class contemporary art as well as regular events (see events link) including lectures, workshops, readings and film screenings (i.e. - 'eight minute movies'). If you would like to be on the advance mailing list so you can be informed of any visual art, film, or art collecting oriented events, please subscribe to our advance notice mailing list.

Mission Statement
The gallery was opened in 2008 as a means of diffusion and showing progressive 'pre bubble' contemporary art (including photography, painting, sculpture and sound/film media projects) with an eye to showing fresh visions by mid career artists who aren't a by-product of a cynical commercial art market. It came out of a response to work started appearing in the last fifteen years which contained all the visual signifiers of a 'contemporary art'  but which was missing vitality, brilliance, ingenuity an 'presence'.

The gallery was built and formed with an idea in mind. That idea was is to provide an antidote to what was sorely lacking in commercial and public  galleries and museuems in Los Angeles in general. In an era where the 'market' has managed to pervert the sensitibilities that previously existed in the best galleries in order to uphold the agenda OF that market and wherein the message, the works and the artist themselves even - become unimportant and even marginalized by the economic system that it created.  We are trying something a little bit radical in our response to this - and with it (we hope) also changing the sensibilities of the 'market' itself.

Our solution for the overall problem is also trying to create a solution for it's side effects. We make avoilable to the public, to artists, to collectors and other interested parties, cultural and
intellectual resources where none would otherwise exist, and where none would otherwise further enable the erosion of the social corpus. To us, this is the most critical tool available in preventing collapse into the 'status quo'.

We endeavor also to make high quality art available to the public at hours when it is convenient for THEM, not US (we are open noon until 8 p.m. tuesdays through sundays). For us, this is central to the success of our platform - and also (hopefully) a model which other galleries and museums will soon emulate as well. We look to european centers for our own inspiration along these lines (i.e. - the Centre Georges Pompidou which has traditionally been open nightly unti very late hours).

You will, of course get a much better idea of this by viewing the contents of the exhibition descriptions, but generally speaking we attempt to go to great lengths to help artists, collectors and interested parties bring meaning to their respective worlds. That is to say: to make visual art accessible and fascinating in a world where it's really hard for even the most seasoned savant to make sense of what's going on. We are in the process of setting up practical workshops, lectures and other presentations - please visit the website frequently to keep abreast of what's going on or else subscribe to our mailing list for automatic updates by e-mail (see subscribe link, above).

About the Exhibition Space
The exhibition space is open to the public at all times, including well into the evening at most times (please see 'hours'). The architectural and lighting design was chosen as an answer to problems frequently found both in commercial galleries and publicly funded and private museums. The custom designed lighting provides stress free viewing with distracting reflections kept to a minimum. The front and two internal exhibition walls are outfitted with high end Elliptipar fixtures, commonly found only in museums. Where possible, glass used for all picture framing is of a very high grade StarFire™ or Water White™ type. We have done our utmost to provide a distraction free viewing experience in the gallery and hope that it makes for a great experience visiting our space.

Credits & Benefactors
We'd also like to extend a special thank you to the following for all their help, past and future, without whose elbow grease, input, aid, inspiration and encouragement – none of this would have been possible.

Patrick Miller
Tim Stanley
Sandra Semchuk
Rosalinda Colchero
Christine Baasner-Hoffzimmer
Moritz Gaede
Amy Pigg
James Lenge
Vincent Borelli
Bryson Strauss
Laura Adams
Kristie Conner
Leslie Barrett
Ed Simmons
Terrill Lewis
Eric Miller
Noah Golden
Guillaume Burns
Christopher Dewdney
Andrew Gruft
Denice Salgueiro
Liz Cvitan
Ross Lipman
Bob Barenfeld
Emmanuel Todorov
Svetlana Finley
Belinda Li
Kristin Wanek
Margot Ready
Arianne Phillips
Lise Downe
Lynne Marsh
Judee Flick
Johnny Brown

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Photography © ARCFOTO, all rights reserved.

Photography © ARCFOTO, all rights reserved.
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