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Simon Larbalestier
Special Editions
Original Photographs (full version) by Simon Larbalestier. Copyright Simon Larbalestier 2008/2009 - all rights reserved.

We are sorry for the inconvenience- however we will no longer be carrying editons featured on this page. They may be available directly from the artist at his discretion. For the moment  - he is offering his own 'open edition' prints at www.simon-larbalestier.co.uk

Other Folios by Simon Larbalestier:

The Doolittle Portfolio
The Pixies 'Classics'
The Polaroid Tests

All prints shown below are offered in 10x12 size only from a very limited edition. Each print is left with adequate border to allow for attractive matting and framing. Full width of paper is 12.0" and images are 11" wide, with vertical image height being determined by picture aspect ratio.

Please note: the following are high quality original prints issued and approved by the photographer himself - these are not cheap inkjet facsimiles!

simon larbalestier - venus flytrap - lateral   bull's eye - simon larbalestier


simon larbalestier - venus flytrap - lateral  
simon larbalestier - venus flytrap - lateral
"Madonna & FishTails"






"Denim & Rosary"

  "Forensic No.3"
"Hammers & Grenade"
  "Butterfly & Rocket"
  "Rodeo Girls"
"Forensic No.2"
"DayWalker No.2"
  "Crucifix & Chains"


We are pleased to offer an exclusive one-time edition of classic works by Simon Larbalestier for a fraction of what they would normally cost . These are the only officially authorized prints offered directly by the artist. These are professionally made Lightjet C-prints by Simon's authorized printer. This way, as a collector of his work, you know you are receiving something that looks exactly as he intended. They are NOT giclée prints (printed in bulk from an inkjet printer). These are the real deal. They are the exact same type of print frequently shown in museums like the Museum of Modern Art in New York, The Getty in Los Angeles or the Tate in London. Quality is absolutely assured. Prints are available in the following sizes:


Prints may be purchased directy via Credit Card or else by cheque or cashier's cheque. Please allow 2-3 weeks from time of order until delivery. All orders require four business days preparation before shipping. 40" images must be paid for by cheque or cashier's cheque unless present in the gallery at time of purchase. Please inquire if you have questions.


*Please note that image sizes are approximate and may vary up to 1/8th in.

All images on this page are used with permission of the artist. all images property of the Simon Larbalestier and C4 Editions - it may not be copied, forwarded or reproduced by any means, whether photomechanical, optical, electronic or other.



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