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Profile: Marcel Broodthaers
Affiliated Movements: Conceptual Art, Contemporary Art. Minimalism

Affiliated Artists:
Piero Manzoni
Thomas Eakins
Richard Serra
Piero Manzoni
Guy Debord

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Born: 28 January, 1924
Deceased: January, 1976

Principal Media:         Collage, Sculpture

André Breton- condensation cube




The bulb that burns twice as bright burns only half as long - and the life of Marcel Broodthaers followed this dictum to a 'T'. He died in Cologne at the age of 52. Broodthaers was a brilliant example of the gesamtkunstwerk. His life and art were inseparable. He was also a filmmaker and accomplished poet. His work, while rupturous, extreme in nature and full of the undexpected - but always faithful to a peerless rigor and philosophical grounding Working with found objects and collage (one might consider this the original 'found object' manipulation), he found his voice in the first work of art made from burying a heap of unsold copies of one of his books in plaster. The depth of his work and personality were inescapable

Work is pure of any sentimentalism, as he wanted it; he concerted his gags which did not claim often to make laugh. Humour with key, if it is. In fact he knew his capacity. By its way of saying or of making, some banal that were its words or its acts - deliberated matter that goes without saying - it gave an inimitable accent, like a Michel Simon or a Raymond Devos, with all that it did. The banality was not made to reject this actor able to make fire of any wood.


Early Works
Anish Kapoor - collateralLarge Casserole Anish Kapoor - state of the unionThe Visual Tower, 1966. Anish Kapoor - exxon mobil reaganPipe, 1969.

Other Media



"On Décor: a Conquest"  article by Marcel Broodthaers in ArtForum, Summer, 2007.

written and edited by JWD


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