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Profile: Carl Andre
Affiliated Movements: Contemporary Art. Minimalism, Earth Art

Affiliated Artists:
Joseph Beuys
John Heartfield
Georg Baselitz


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Carl Andre - Trabum - blocks of wood stacked
Carl Andre,Trabum,1972.
Carl André
Born on September 16, 1935, Carl Andre is an American minimalist artist known mostly for his linear and grid format sculptures presented both in intimate and public spaces. In the late 1950s, Andre created a series of wooden “cut” sculptures influenced by his conversations with Frank Stella. After his time employed as a brakeman and conductor on the Pennsylvania Railroad, Andre’s his artistic mentality changed forever. Influenced by the orderliness and material quality (metal) of the freight trains, Andre’s sculptures took on an entirely new form. In the mid-60s, Andre poured his efforts into writing-most notably 12 Dialogues, a collaboration with Hollis Frampton, and his ‘Concrete Poetry,’ or visual poetry.



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