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Anne-Marie Kornachuk

Anne-Marie Kornachuk completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec in 1993. Since graduation she has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in US and Canada.

Anne-Marie was elected as a member of the Ontario (Canada) Society of Artists in 2000. She served as councilor, Vice President, and President of the society. She is also the Executive Director of the Art School of Peterborough (ASOP), and teaches part-time at ASOP, Lakefield College School, and privately. Anne-Marie has lived and worked in Lakefield, Ontario since 2000, with her husband. She is an avid equestrian and a dedicated student of dressage, spending much of her free time training and riding.

The Work

While many see in her work the deft hand of a technical master - there's something even more interesting going on in the narrative of her collective output. It is only through examination of her total corpus that the phenomenon manifests itself. It is a slow, deliberate honing of a psychological entity- almost as if, in a dream, you were to watch a character materialize from a dissipating fog.

While the overall psychological landscape of the work is only clear from looking at the body, her individual works DO carry with them the seed of this. And it is clear when one interfaces wtih any of them directly. It is very clear. Some people refer to this as 'presence, some, as 'power' , 'depth' or even 'truth' (perhaps an overly opaque term), but there is one sure fact - that you are really experiencing something beyond a technical mastery of brushstrokes, color and light. There is something intensely personal that belongs to the artist and her world which is being revealed that perhaps only the artist herself is aware of - but the sharing of this secret is what gives the work it's special power. Some things are meant to simply be experienced for themselves rather than explained.

left: "Adams Rib,"2008
oil on canvas

left: "Contemplating Eve 4,"2009
oil on canvas
moment for self reflection - kornachukmoment for self reflection - kornachukmoment for self reflection - kornachuk left: "A Moment for Self-Reflection", 2005
oil on canvas

Left: "Contemplating Eve 5," 2009
oil on canvas

left: "Considering Eve," 2007
oil on canvas
left: "Eve Waits," 2007.
oil on canvas



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